Camaldolese Stemma Project

To access the project on the Camaldolese Logo/Stemma, click on the image above.

The project was mainly produced during the Covid-19 Lockdown Period in Aotearoa New Zealand April/May 2020. It was then added to as the year progressed.

This time of lockdown enabled the document to be worked on, always mindful that this was at a time when the mother house of our community in Italy, was in a country suffering deeply from the pandemic. As the year progressed our Hermitage and monasteries in the USA have also been in a country suffering greatly from the pandemic.

If you are going to read this at a time of pandemic please offer this prayer for our Camaldolese Monks, Nuns, Oblates and friends throughout the world.

May all be well
May all be happy
May all be at peace
We ask this in the name of Christ our Lord, Amen